An Introduction to Unix   Everybody Knows How to Use a Computer, but Not Everyone Knows How to Use the Command Line. Yet This is the Gateway to Doing Anything and Everything Sophisticated with a Computer and the Most Natural Starting Place to Learn Programming
How to Make a Website   A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Website From Scratch Born Out of My Frustration Trying to Answer the Simple Question: How Do I Make a Non-Stupid Website? Includes Notes about How This Website Was Built and Source Code
100 Useful Unix Commands   A Guide to 100 (ish) Useful Unix Commands
How to Host a Website on the Amazon Cloud (AWS)   Starting from Nothing, The Quickest Path to Getting a Website Up and Running on Amazon
How to Run a Cluster on the Amazon Cloud (AWS) for Bioinformatics   Bioinformatics Computing on Amazon with StarCluster
Setting Up Nginx, uWSGI, and Django on Amazon's EC2   A Supplement to the Official uWSGI Tutorial for Novices that Holds Your Hand and Whispers Soothing Words
Wiki: Git   Basic Git Commands Reference
Wiki: Python   Python Coding and Syntax Reference
Wiki: LaTex   Basic LaTex Syntax Reference
Wiki: MySQL and SQLite   Basic MySQL Commands Reference
Wiki: Perl   Perl Coding and Syntax Reference
Wiki: Vim   Basic Vim Commands Reference
Wiki: SGE   Sun Grid Engine (SGE) Reference
Mac Tips   Tips, Tricks, and Miscellany for Macintosh Computing
Making a Simple Django App: Calculating the Distance between Two Airports   Source Code for a Django App to Calculate the Distance between Any Two U.S. Airports
Notes: Making a Simple Website with Flask   Notes for a First Flask-based Website
Notes: Django   Misc Django Notes